My new relaxed year

New Year ahead! And even if it’s maybe a little bit late for the New Year’s resolution, it will be never too late to change something in our lifestyle! Apart from the typical ‘being more healthy’ and ‘do more exercise’ we can also add to this list the ‘sleep more, rest well’ resolution that I am sure we all need. I can’t find anything better than arriving home, putting on my cosy homewear and lying on my bed for a while flipping a magazine.

Before this, I usually love to go to the gym just at the end of the day when I finish my job so I am more relax when I go home. Of course I never forget my cup of peppermint tea just before going to bed (with a lot of candles in my bedroom :)), these are my best tips to sleep like a child every day and try to make the next oen as perfect as it should be! Anyway, just in case you are wondering how to have the best of the rest in your bed, I will talk you about Leesa. They been selling mattresses for more than five years and after reaching the american dream, being there one of the number one brands in this field, they came back to their home, England to continue their expansion. They only sell online and they designed the mattress from the inside with an amazing way to get the support that you need to sleep. Because it’s nothing more important that the way of how we sleep, and of course this should start from the base! You can find more information about how to buy the right mattress here! 

And some tips if you want to make sure that you choose the right one here as well! Happy sleeping! **

*Images: All via Pinterest


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