Packing for Christmas!

En menos de dos semanas estaré de vuelta a casa unos días por Navidad, y como siempre, las mil dudas de qué meter en la maleta sin pasarme demasiado (como suele ser) y sin quedarme sin looks para las mil cenas y quedadas de esos días. La web MaryJaneFashion de Manchester, tiene los básicos perfectos para estas fiestas, además de prendas muy geniales como las parkas con forros de colores o los bodies lace up que los tenía en mi wish list desde hace tiempo. Todo esto y mucho más con unos precios precios tan competitivos pienso hacerme con cada una de sus piezas sin pensarlo! ¿Cuáles son vuestros must have que no faltan cuándo vais de viaje?


In less than two weeks I’ll come back home for these Christmas days, and today I show you what to pack without driving you crazy with all the clothes that you have in your wardrobe. Anyway, if you wanna renew some of your basics for this season, I recommend you, MaryJaneFashion. A Manchester based shop online with loads of very competitive clothing that will be the perfect excuse to do some shopping before the festive season.  They’re specialised in dresses, they have so many options to choose, from the very sexy ones like Kim Kardashian wears, to some others options more naïve if you don’t like to show off too much. Apart from the dresses you would love their latest trends. Once you see a celebrity wearing something that you like, you’ll have there in a short period of time! That happens with the lace up trend. I was desperate looking for a bodysuit laced up at the front, and they have in every colour that you can imagine, and also in dresses and t-shirt, isn’t it the perfect uniform for Christmas? On top of it, I found the best outerwear ever that I will have with me this cold winter: parkas, ponchos, and belted coats (I’m quite obsessive with that now) that will make your outfits very cosy. I have chosen the best things that I will love to have in my wardrobe right now, and of course, without any doubt I will put them straight away in my Christmas suitcase. Don’t forget to check their new in staff every week! 

*Fotos: vía MaryJane Fashion





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